Mad Talent Designs – WordPress Music Themes, Radio Stations, Bands and Digital Downloads

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WordPress Music Themes, Radio Stations, Bands and Digital Downloads

A lot of musicians ignore something that can really help make or break their success.

A well designed site can make casual listeners into fans, maybe you can sell some merch, sell more downloads, whatever it is you want to do.  But a badly designed site or one with a patchwork of plugins desperately trying to cover up for the lack of built in features, that’s a situation that can really bring negative impact to your site.

There’s a lot to be said for a great music site, don’t ignore it.

Beat Heaven

BeatHeaven WordPress Theme

Beat Heaven is the ideal WordPress theme for events planner, musicians, and bands currently in the promotional trail. This theme has a number of features that can help you develop your online presence and increase your website’s visibility. Rated 4.5 stars by customers, Beat Heaven provides potential customers with a high-definition viewing experience. Icons, text, and graphics can be viewed in any monitor, from the regular ones to retina-ready monitors.

This music theme facilitates the implementation of your website with features that reduce your workload and basically make building and customizing your website a lot easier. The drag-and-drop page builder interface gives you enough control over your website’s appearance. Backgrounds, font, layout style, and side bar are just a few of the items you can customize. You need not worry about our brand overriding your brand. This theme is white label ready, so you can switch off our branding within seconds.

If you plan to reach out to a wider audience, rest assured Beat Heaven has already taken that into account. The theme has a multi-language feature, which means translation for various languages is available. Your SEO campaigns would undoubtedly go smoothly if you use this theme. Built-in short codes help you add tabs, pages, and other items without the need for heavy HTML coding. Beat Heaven also comes with a music playlist and an events calendar for your latest gigs (e.g. album launch, guest appearances or concerts).


Oxium WordPress Music Theme for Record Company

The modern Oxium WordPress Theme is specially designed to promote digital content. Its visual display helps highlight images and videos, while its overall design supports music embedding and playlist creation. This theme is recommended for businesses in the entertainment industry like casinos and nightclubs. It is also a recommended theme to contain portfolios of musicians, event organizers, and disc jockeys.

Content management is especially highlighted by this theme. It allows complete control over content settings like inclusion of elements, widgets, and plugins. Designers may even opt to change backgrounds, logos, and color settings. The theme has a drag and drop page builder for beginners, while more advanced designers may opt to use compatible standalone page builders. Oxium also has five unique post types to ensure content versatility.

The Oxium WordPress Theme is compatible with various devices and promises a retina ready display. It is also frequently updated to ensure its compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress.
Reaching a wide audience is not an issue with Oxium. Aside from being a translation ready theme, it is also compatible with social media widgets to make content sharing possible. The theme is also specially designed to help land higher positions on search engines.

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Lovers WordPress Music Theme

Lovers is perfect for bands, musicians, and other jobs related to the music industry. The way to attract the attention of people who are likely to support your projects is to customize your site according to your music style. The Lovers theme boasts of six different custom posts and eight different page template options. This blog theme includes awe-inspiring transition effects and ultra-slick sliders. It’s super responsive so your followers can read your posts, view your photos, and listen to your music across different types of devices. But perhaps the most awesome feature of this theme is the mobile device-ready Music Player. Your blog visitors can also smoothly navigate your site with the well-thought-out menu bar design and the handy search bar.

If you’re a music artist, you’ll not only want to boost your record sales but also your popularity. Likewise, if you sell other people’s music, then you’ll naturally want to introduce the artists that you represent to the listeners. With Lovers, one can create a page which features photos of various artists or band members, along with their witty personal bios and music career background info. The Lovers music theme allows you to build albums with playlists as well as a filterable gallery. This way, you can conveniently display your available albums and point listeners to where they can download or purchase your stuff. Lovers also lets you create a highly visible Events section which will help you in keeping fans updated on your recent gigs and calendar of activities. You’ll never know when you or your band is going to make it big, so you’ll have to make sure that fans, potential business partners, and producers can reach you easily. For this reason, Lovers provides users with a contact page that comes complete with a convenient messaging form and Google map.

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WordPress Music Band Themes

Oscillator is a wonderful band and music WordPress theme, perfect for any musician, DJ or other performers to show off their music in style.  This theme has a truly unique design, called ‘awe inspiring’ by some, and it’s definitely going to take your website’s design to a whole new level.  A streaming audio player makes it a snap to let your audience listen to your music with custom track listings, or veen a live radio station.  There are 6 post types to keep your blog on track, with slider, artists, discography, events, galleries and videos each looking great and they’re super easy to get started with.  The front page allows you to drag and drop unique content blocks to create the layout you want and custom content widgets make that possible.  This theme is SEO optimized, perfectly responsive and allows for a wide variety of color schemes to keep things fresh.

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Wave is one of the most original music themes I’ve seen in quite some time, it has a massive list of features like Visual Composer (plus a couple of addon packs), ACF, Ajaxify, DZS, Audio Player 1.0, Mega Menu and Templatera, just to name a few.  This WooCommerce ready audio theme has nearly a hundred different layouts pre-installed, but you can always create your own or just modify one of the ones included to get the perfect design.  There are 8 homepage designs, 8 magazine or blog layouts, two dozen artist and album layouts and a number of WooCommerce designs too.  Wave has it all, so for a band, recording studio, online radio station, DJ homepage or anything music related, Wave has you covered.

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Mix Music


Choosing to buy a high quality music theme can really help you create a really good first impression. It is really highly recommended to make an online musical portfolio by choosing a nicely developed, eye-catching portfolio theme. This premium portfolio WordPress theme is feature filled, spectacular, simple to operate, reliable and versatile, it’s responsive, SEO-friendly and functional, great for freelance music artists, sound designers,  music lovers, bands or even disk jockeys. This theme is one that provides many helpful, popular abilities, simple to use with a lot of great documentation, completely responsive so it looks great on virtually any screen, made with a graceful, beautiful style and very modifiable so you can utilize it on any kind of site.

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Eveny WordPress events theme for music venues

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Bands, Music

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Mad Talent Designs – Beauty Press, WordPress Beauty Salon and eCommerce Theme

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Beauty Press, WordPress Beauty Salon and eCommerce Theme

Beauty Press bakery

The Beautypress WordPress Theme was originally designed for beauty, healthcare, spa, therapy, massage salon websites, it can be easily adapted to any kind of website due to all the features theme has.  Perhaps a cake shop or bakery?

I guess I have to be the bearer of bad news.  Beauty Press has been pulled from ThemeForest, so it’s no longer for sale.  If you want a great looking theme for a beauty website, maybe check out the rest of our collection?  We’ve selected nothing but the best, so you can definitely find something you love there.


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Mad Talent Designs – MyThemeShop

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Pinstagram WordPress Pinterest Style theme

If you’ve been looking for a WordPress theme with a Pinterest style, this one could be a good option.  Pinstagram, by MyThemeShop, has the traditional layout that looks a lot like Pinterest and it’s a wonderful theme for creating a social network of your own.  Pinstagram was inspired by Pinterest, clearly, and it’s got that style down pat.  Multiple images sizes in a masonry grid style, whether the posts are long or short, you can capture the look, feel and style of Pinterest on your very own website, all the while giving users a familiar style to work with.  Why would you want a Pinterest inspired WordPress theme?  Well, the popularity of Pinterest is one part of it, Pinterest is among the fastest growing social media networks around and it’s growth has been incredible, spiking hundreds of percentage points in just a few years.  With Pinstagram, you can capture part of that excitement on your own page.

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justfit WordPress fitness and personal training theme

The ultimate in fitness templates for WordPress, MyTheme Shop has created a real winner in JustFit.  Great for gyms and personal trainers, anyone who wants an amazing fitness theme and wants it at a reasonable price, with the style and flexibility to work for almost any sort of business.

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MyBlog WordPress Theme by MyThemeShop

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wooshop wordpress ecommerce wordpress themes

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coupon wordpress theme

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Sensational AdSense ready magazine Theme

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socialnow wordpress theme

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BloggingBox WordPress Theme for personal bloggers

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Feminine WordPress Women

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Ad-Sense WordPress Magazine Theme with WooCommerce

This amazing product specializes in creating revenue for its owners by boosting the site’s perspective popularity and count. With Ad-Sense, we are introducing to a brand-new page builder, known as Div hindsight, made to accelerate your creativity. At this time you may make designs by simply dragging the elements from the list and dropping them at the page, where your heart desires. You can do this with your ads, too.

Packed with enticing features, Ad-Sense is decidedly one of the greatest themes available on the market. Users will benefit from 13 beautiful layouts for every post and countless incredible Big Grid design combinations available to highlight pages and groups, making sure that your articles won’t ever look mediocre.

With each online business, a good balance must be struck. You must generate revenue from ads without downgrading the reader’s expertise. Thankfully, Ad-Sense has implemented a contemporary, smart ad system. Now, every ad location on your site has a specific box where the ad code could be inserted. For Google AdSense, the theme will automatically search for the corresponding banner dimensions. Ad-Sense includes 18 different advertisement locations that can help you maximize your revenue stream.

In today’s internet landscape, listing posts are a few of the very appealing content formats. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to print a well-researched list. Ad-Sense clears your program by simply implementing a ground-breaking clever list system which can automatically produce top quality lists. This AdSense WordPress theme provides a large number of useful tools, and it must certainly become a crucial part of your business plan.

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Mad Talent Designs – M, WordPress Grid Layout BuddyPress and Community Theme

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M, WordPress Grid Layout BuddyPress and Community Theme

m social buddypress theme

M is a fantastic WordPress Buddypress theme, marketed as a ‘social network in a box’, which is a pretty apt description of this social networking marvel.  The M Buddypress theme is a bold, stylish and elegant, yet modern hub for all sorts of discussion and enlightenment.  It’s like an ancient Greek forum in that way, packed with incredible and striking discussions and thought provoking concepts.  That’s what the internet is all about, right?  That and cats.  Speaking of cats, check out our viral magazine WordPress theme collection.  M has so many features to make an astonishingly professional, bold, multi-faceted and flexible social network builder.   A BuddyPress ready theme is a must-have, if you need WordPress based site where people can feel free to communicate with one another in a comfortable and tantalizing, stimulating way.  I think that the M WordPress theme is a fantastic choice.

Make your community a hub for discussion with this reactive (M)Societal WordPress theme. Overflowing for a modern, astonishing look and feel with superb features and plugins, growing your user-base will be worry-free.  Amazing frontpage grid layouts are an awesome heart for your own content and the centerpiece of this incredible theme is M’s Grid plugin, that can display all types of widgets, from straightforward text and pictures to BuddyPress photograph streams courtesy of rtMedia plugin support and the BP ‘Latest Pictures’ widget, along with article previews thanks to Gavick’s own News Show Pro widget. The most recent happenings can be immediately seen by your users as soon as they reach on your frontpage.  Strong with batch of alternatives, although Gavick’s plugins are simple to configure.

Establishing the grid is no trouble helpful visual aids show you clearly how each grid block will appear on all screen sizes for a layout that is responsive, and each blocks size can be independently defined for a supreme amount of design options. Find a look that suits you, and make it your own!  Use BuddyPress and appreciate social interaction and fluid community features.  Incorporated BuddyPress support provides the basis to your social network; users start discussing the latest posts in seconds and sharing their pictures and can join up. Every user gets their own page to update the way in which they want for a community.  Gavick’s custom typography and widgets make things even more user friendly, which is nice.  Elaborate typography choices give you the liberty to expand your content with citation and quote blocks, cost tables, badges, icons and more, and Gavick’s predefined styles let you change colors in seconds. Our GK Login WordPress widget simplifies the login process to a clean overlay for instant access to content that is new.


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Mad Talent Designs – Polaris

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Hey folks, if you’re looking for Polaris, I’m afraid we’ve got some bad news.  We’ve decided to retire Polaris and we’re no longer supporting it.  But we’ve developed several new WordPress Themes you may be interested in.  Check them out, we hope you find something you like.

Silverbow wordpress woocommerce theme free ThemeIt

Single column, WooCommerce ready minimalist blog and shop theme.

Silverbow Demo

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Mad Talent Designs – Aperitive, Delicious WordPress Blog and Restaurant Theme

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Aperitive, Delicious WordPress Blog and Restaurant Theme


This is a full featured solution to the problem of ‘what’s a great WordPress theme for a restaurant‘?  Aperitive is a simple, almost minimalist styled WordPress theme that’s very easy to use, easy to customize and attractive to look at, making it a wonderful choice for a café or coffee shop website and it’s incredible flexibility isn’t the only feature it offers.  Aperitive is simple to customize, the images make for a wonderful first impression and a whole lot more.


We made Aperitive to engage and combine your visual and culinary senses, offering a presentation fit for a michelin star chef. the simple fixed two block layout combined with the right choice of typography vs photography gives this theme a whole new dimension.

Fixed two block layout

A simple yet practical two block layout inspired by magazines is made specificly with the restaraunt, cafe/bar, club owner looking for a contemporary way of presenting their business.

Menus & Reservations

Aperitive comes with a predefined Menu page which makes it easy to list all your offerings, as well as a Reservation plugin which allows your customers to easily check your current table availability in just a few clicks.

Hidden Sidebar

Aperitive comes with a sneaky little sidebar that starts it’s life tucked away neatly to the side, then expands from the screen’s righthand edge.  That means folks get to concentrate their attention on the main focus of the website without any distractions.

A Blog with Taste

Give your passion for words a look to go with the taste. You can swap between the one and two row columns, whatever fits best.

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For more awesome and awe inspiring WordPress themes, you may be interested in this collection of themes for coffee shops.

Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Themes Kingdom

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Mad Talent Designs – Ananke

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Ananke WordPress Theme

The Ananke WordPress theme offers single page style with Parallax scrolling technology. It works well for creative portfolio websites, freelance showcases and professional sites for photographers, graphic designers and other visual artists. No matter what industry or product type, the flexibility of the structure building and the responsiveness of the resultant sites helps site visitors view the galleries and other content well no matter what type of computer or mobile device they use. WordPress Architecture Themes. Ananke was created with correct HTML5 and CSS3 code so any web pages will load quickly and optimize easily. All included technology is up-to-date and both trend-conscious and built to last.

Three separate home page options exist with Ananke: full video background, graphic slider background and one that uses the popular parallax scroll style. To allow for ultimate customization, many power-packed options are packed with the Ananke WP theme. It includes full integration with Google Fonts, unlimited color options, the Royal Preloader plugin, multiple parallax options, CSS3-based icon animations, gallery filters, Ajax-based portfolios and more. The Redux Framework facilitates fast and simple customization of all pages and elements even if the administrator is not a professional designer or developer.  Concern, Corporate Portfolio Theme for Businesses

The intuitive Visual Composer option allows anyone to tweak and change Ananke-based WordPress websites with just a few clicks. Unlimited layouts for different pages are available. This can all be found on the Theme Options panel in the WP admin dashboard. Other options bundled with this theme include an infinite number of sliders, parallax scrolling on any type of page, full Google map integration, a contact form, mailing list builder and various portfolio graphic layouts. The Revolution Slider premium plugin allows anyone to create professional slideshows with various animations, unique effects and smooth transitions. No coding or high-tech skills are needed to work in the intuitive user interface. With the Ananke WP theme, anyone can create a unique, attractive and professional portfolio website with ease.

Themes Kingdom

Our theme include all features that you need

  • Work on WordPress 4.8.x
  • 8 Home Page Versions
  • Dark And Light Version
  • One Click Import Demo Content Options import Dark version or Light version in a few minutes
  • Visual Composor Page Builder with Drag and Drop layout – 23+ web element
  • Unlimited Color Styles. Create your custom color scheme with only a few clicks!
  • Theme Options with Redux Framework
  • Revolution Slider included
  • Translation-ready using provided POT file
  • Filterable Portfolio (fancybox and ajax single project)
  • Ajax portfolio
  • Premium Royal Preloader
  • 4 Portfolio Page Examples Built-In
  • On Scroll Effect Layout
  • Parallax One Page
  • Parallax background
  • 100% Responsive
  • Pricing Tables
  • Blog Single Page
  • Responsive layout
  • One page navigation
  • Parallax Effects
  • Retina Ready
  • 150+ Animated SVG Icons
  • Smooth Scrolling
  • Responsive Design
  • Responsive Video Support
  • SEO Optimized
  • Google Fonts Support
  • Contact Form 7 Support
  • Built With HTML5 and CSS3
  • 400+ Icons
  • Easy Setup
  • CSS3 Animation
  • Includes Entire Font Awesome
  • Crossbrowser Compatible
  • jQuery Enhanced
  • Very Clearly Documentation (Step by Step)

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Mad Talent Designs – WordPress Shoe Store Themes

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WordPress Shoe Store Themes

This is our collection of the Best WordPress Shoe Store Themes on the market.  We hope you find one you like.



Online shopping is incredibly popular and one thing that never goes out of style is a fresh pair of shoes.  Whether it’s cross trainers, sneakers, tennis shoes, dress shoes, flip flops, boots or anything else you can name, if you want to sell them online, you need the right website.  James is a responsive shoe store theme that gets it right.  Shoes and related accessories, it’s big business.  You want a feature filled, responsive, easy to use and easy to manage website to promote them?  Then James may be the answer.  For online shoe shops, fashion stores, accessories retailers and more, James has what you need.

James is powered by WooCommerce, which makes sense.  WooCommerce is the number one eCommerce plugin for WordPress and it powers more store than any other plugin on the market.  While it’s powerful right out of the box with the vanilla install, WooCommerce also has a lot of add-on features that help make tracking your orders, dealing with inventory and other chores a little bit easier.  Visual Composer powers this theme, so you can use it to drag and drop elements, content areas and features to where you want them.  There are a few pre-defined blog and store layouts included, and the demo data install with one click so you can have your store up quickly.  But you can always create your own layout of you choose to.  I think James is posed to be one of the better shoe store shopping themes out there, so please take a look.


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This stunning WooCommerce enabled WordPress multipurpose theme is a smart method to start up an online shoe sales business, even if you don’t happen to be a specialist in programming, due to the fact it may be effortlessly changed to accommodate your preferences. This shiny design looks remarkable on any kind of device because it’s designed to be responsive. When you are establishing a web business, shoppers are plainly vitally important and making it possible for them to read your web site anywhere at any time is crucial.

WooCommerce provides all of the equipment that you need to create an enterprise rapidly and efficiently and this lovely, smartly designed and modern eCommerce WordPress theme is the first step on a route to creating your online business. No matter if you are marketing boots or shoes, garments, devices, downloadable products like movies, video clips, tunes or computer software, this lovely theme is an awesome selection since it’s so adaptable.

With a stunning WooCommerce web theme you may build a website to market clothes, shoes or boots or any other type of product. There are plenty of attributes that can assist you market your products in a fashionable way, such as galleries, menus and a number of different designs to select from that give your web site an amazing style. The assistance available with this WooCommerce theme is unparalleled, to help you feel confident that if you encounter difficulties you are going to get help when you need it.

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Having an exquisite WooCommerce ready theme, it’s possible to create a site to advertise clothes, shoes or any thing else. There are a number of functions that may help you present your services in fashion, such as galleries, menus and a huge array of different designs to look at that offer your website a distinctive fashion.

This cutting edge, simple to use, adaptable, well constructed and beautiful WordPress theme can help you to manage inventory and shipping, grow your small company, advertise aged goods, get in contact with potential clients and launch new products and a whole lot more.

WordPress is an exceptional method to begin or re-brand an online business, even when you’re not a skilled professional in programming, because it might be easily changed to accommodate your needs. This slick design looks great on any size of display as it is completely responsive in every way. When you’re preparing a company, shoppers are obviously essential so enabling them to browse your web site anytime anytime is vital.

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