Fantastic Looking New Coffee Shop Theme
May 26, 2017

This is a new design I created for a coffee shop in my hometown of Grants Pass, Oregon.  Home of the Cavemen!  I’m pretty proud of how the site turned out, so hopefully you like it.  If you want to see more from this company, here’s a little writeup.

Lloyd Dutch Bros. Cafe

430 NE Lloyd Blvd., 541-955-4700, Open always and  forever.

wordpress coffee shop theme

Who among us is sufficiently stoked to enter the new walk-in location of the cult of Dutch Bros.?

You can hear the house music blasting from a block away, beckoning you to the Home Goods-style generic spray-paint art of DJs spinning records and holding up peace signs. You can enjoy both while lounging on a black pleather couch with someone who’s most likely homeless. Or you can sit at a tall, steel table with a pristinely dressed young transplant in the party-lit room, which is about the size of a Wendy’s.

This Bros. has the normal complement of Double Torture®, Kicker® and Annihilator®, along with Blue Rebel, the signature house Red Bull energy concoction that will give you an amphetaminelike head buzz.

Straw lore says that the color of drinking straw you get indicates what the employee thought of you. Pink means you’re cute, blue means you’re cool, orange means you’re fun and green means you’re ugly. Still, there’s nowhere in the world I feel more welcome—unless you’re ordering a regular coffee, which I made the mistake of doing once. The barista, who like all Bros. baristas channels Alpha Phi sorority sister, declared it “Boring!!!” She was right. Why get a coffee when I could get the six-shot 911®?! That’s certainly what the employees are jacked up on—which is proved more than ever at the walk-in location, which has a plasma screen that plays a video loop of employees laughing, doing handstands and going to EDM shows, donating to charity and extreme mountain biking.