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Dine & Drink

Dine & Drink Responsive Restaurant WordPress Theme

D & D Theme. Modern Design that has a fully Responsive Design, looks great on desktops, and touch sensitive tablets and mobile devices.

Not just for Dungeous and Dragons anymore, the letters D&D have a new meaning now.  This D&D is a food related theme that’s also amazing for coffee shops and bakeries.  Not to be confused with the M&M in Butte, Montana.  That’s another great place you can get coffee.    But enough about that, I could get sucked into thinking about Butte, Montana all day.  Well, one more thing, I’d say if you’re in Butte and you want a coffee, you could check out Oro Fino, 68 Park Street.  They make a really solid cup of coffee or espresso and I’m partial to their Americano myself.  I’ve noticed that a lot of people in Butte like a lot of flavored syrups, which just really wouldn’t fly around where I live, but they’re kind of new to the high end coffee scene, so that’s cool.  I do like their website, but they could probably use an upgrade from our collection of great WordPress coffee shop themes.  But then again, it’s a personal choice, if they like it, they like it and that’s great for them.

The developer of Drink & Dine says this about their theme.

Dine & Drink is Responsive Restaurant WordPress Theme, suited for any kind of restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, bakery, cake, Mexican cuisine, pasta, pizza, ice cream, Japanese, sushi, salad etc.

So, where was I?  Oh yeah, restaurants.  And Butte, Montana.  Restaurant recommendations you say?  In Butte, Montana you say?  Okay I say.  Well, what do you know, somebody wants to know what I think about something.  Well, there’s the Silver Dollar, the owner is a super nice guy who moved to Butte from Chicago.  At least, that was the case a few years back.  You’ve got the MuddyCreek Brewery, who looks like they may have selected a theme from our collection of restaurant templates for WordPress.  There’s also Quarry Brewing and check out their domain, it’s awesome:  Haha, well played.  And what trip down Butte’s memory lane would be complete without a nice Butte style pasty?  The best, of course, is from Nancy’s Pasties.  Here’s her Facebook profile.

Oh, wow, that was fun.  Why am I on a kick about Butte, Montana?  Well, it could be in honor of the first anniversary of our creation of the Silverbow WordPress theme.  It’s free, and it’s (sort of) named after the county Butte, Montana is located in.  (Silverbow is the theme, Silver Bow is the county.)  Well, anyhow, it’s simple, clean and beautiful.

The theme, not Butte.

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Mad Talent Designs – Sweet Cake

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Sweet Cake

Cake Sweet Cake WP Theme

Sweet Cake is a delicious WordPress theme that can be used for bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants, dessert shops and more. It’s filled with sugar and spice and everything nice.

This is Sweet Cake, from a developer named Nic Dark.  They’ve made a really big hit with Sweet Cake and it’s closing in on 2800 sales over it’s career.  I’ve seen this theme used to craft an incredible coffee shop site, a beautiful cake or bake shop and even a regular brick and mortar restaurant WordPress site.  With a name like Sweet Shop, you sort of have a pretty good understanding of what you’re going to get, right?  But you know what, I’ll let Nic Dark introduce their theme to you themselves.  After all, who knows how to describe a work of art than the artist themselves?

Visual Composer, the best page builder for WordPress, is now included in the theme. Whit this plugin you will have full control over your site and build any layout you want with intuitive drag and drop editor, no programming knowledge required.

Woocommerce is the best WordPress solution to sell anything online easily and gives to store owners complete control. You will able to sell both physical and digital goods and it also accept major credit cards, PayPal, BACS (bank transfers), and cash on delivery.

Okay, that’s a terrible introduction, to be honest.  That’s okay, I got this.

Sweet Cake is a theme made for bakeries, yogurt shops, whether frozen or not, ice cream shops, patisseries, pastry shops with delicious macarons and a lot more.

Choose your location and add your store to the built in map, set custom colors to match your business brand, the contact form helps keep folks informed about what’s new with your business and the revolution slider helps make your site attractive and exciting from the very beginning.  There’s nothing you can’t do with Sweet Cake.

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Mad Talent Designs – High Grove

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High Grove Restaurant Just another WordPress site

Lively Green has made a very popular theme for restaurants and coffee shops and this is it, HG Restaurant.

This is High Grove Restaurant, from Lively Green, with just about 1000 downloads so far and a somewhat low rating of 3.72 stars, it’s a mixed bag for crafting a winning restaurant website.  But that’s okay, a high rating isn’t everything, but it does help.  Let’s have a look at the introduction by LivelyGreen.

Our theme is designed to be simple to use, intuitive and powerful, and most importantly business orientated. Packed with everything you need to launch your restaurant site in 5 easy steps! Attractive board of events, modern looking menus, customizable table reservation, and all-purpose Revolution Slider are just a few of many features and plugins bundled in – all within a single integrated interface.  Simply perfect for you restaurant, bakery, coffee shop or winery!

I like the simple, clean design of High Grove, it’s got an attractive layout, I’d have to say.  They say you don’t need to just capture somebody’s attention, you have to maintain it.  That’s what High Grove aims to do and I think it succeeds.  High Grove is certainly a theme where you’ll need a great looking set of images, so if you don’t have your own photographer, you’ll need to go somewhere like iStockPhoto to get some high quality images.

Okay, hold your nose ’cause here goes the cold water. This theme isn’t well supported anymore.  Over a year of questions remain unanswered on ThemeForest’s comments section.

Here’s a fun exchange.

Hi, I bought this template, but the Slider revolution plugin is missing. Without this plugin, the website doesnt look like at all to the demo. Please can you answer me please and help me resolving this problem quickly, I’ts kind of urgent.

florie 34

@florie32 Too bad for you bro, Theme author haven’t update this theme since last year. Also They dont response anymore maybe they abandoned this theme


@xhellbornx Yeah I’m seing that too late. Anyway, I do not recommend this template, it is very complicated to use. Thankfully I know a little how to code, but it’s not made for novices.

florie 34

By fun, I mean depressing as hell.  It sucks to buy a theme and not get support for it.

Well, on to the next schmoe who flows…

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Mad Talent Designs – Fabriq

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Fabriq is a delightful WordPress theme for personal blogs, coffee shops and other tasty amazing things.

If you want the perfect theme for sharing stories, then you’ll definitely want to take a look at Fabriq.  this theme is all about whatever you’re into, from food to fashion, travel and photography, lifestyle blogs and more. Inspiration comes from a lot of different places and sharing that inspiration with others is vitally important.  Fabriq knows this and isn’t afraid to help share that inspiration with a bold yet simple, well organized style.  For personal blogs, you could do a lot worse than Fabriq.  But don’t try to do worse, that’s not smart.

Oh yeah, I’ve read that coffee shops are that’s one of the strengths of Fabriq.  There’s something about Fabriq that’s special, more than one thing really.  The grid layout that’s so completely well designed, that’s a big part of it.

Responsive, retina ready, great on mobile devices or traditional laptops and desktops, Fabriq looks great no matter how your readers access your site.  I love the grid blog styles, whether boxed, masonry, metro, you name it.  WooCommerce ready, Fabriq is even good for eCommerce sites.  Fabrioq can be adjusted in terms of fonts, colors, layouts and more, there are tons of premium plugins included for helping make a memorable website.

The developer of Fabriq is Red Brush, here’s their description of this Fabriq theme.

Fabriq is one of the Powerful, Clean and Creative WordPress blog themes. Tell us your unique story about travel, inspirations, food, fashions news, photos, weddings and everyday moments from all over the world. Let’s make your blog the source of inspiration. This theme can be easily installed to start your personal or magazine blog within one click.

Fabriq hasn’t exactly been popular, it’s just now closing in on 70 sales, but the rating is a solid 4.4 stars, which is above average.  Post formats, parallax backgrounds, multiple blog layouts, Fabriq’s features just keep getting better and better.

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Mad Talent Designs – Mister Coffee

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Mister Coffee

Coffee market – Coffee market sagittis sodales lobortis

Mister Coffee is an interesting little coffee market theme with everything it takes to establish a site for a single coffee shop, or a growing online coffee retailer.

This theme is called Mister Coffee and it’s a WooCommerce ready restaurant theme that blends tons of great features with a highly easy to use interface, for a great user experience on the front and back end alike.  If you’re old like me, you may remember the Mister Coffee coffeemaker they used to advertise on the TV.  Also known as ‘Joltin Joe’ or ‘The Yankee Clipper’, Joe DiMaggio was a famous baseball player and the pitchman behind this product.  You’d think they’d never heard of a coffee maker before old Joe got on the scene.

Also, sometimes coffee is called ‘Joe’ but that has nothing to do with Joe DiMaggio, but I’ll tell you, I love a cup of Joe with a nice pastry.  But that’s not to say DiMaggio didn’t get a food related thing named after him, there’s the Joe’s Special.  That’s a dish popular in San Francisco, it’s an egg scramble with garlic, spinach and ground beef.*** EDIT – See Below.

Created by Just Themes, with a perfect 5 star rating so far, Mister Coffee is a popular web template for online coffee retailers.  Well, let me allow Just Themes to do the proper introduction to this theme.

Mr Coffee is a coffee market online store, it is a stylish modern WordPress theme created specially for coffee markets, online coffee stores, cake and desserts stores, tea markets, coffee shops and other. The theme is suitable for large coffee companies, which have a network of markets and cafes around the world, for this purpose the page “Where to buy”. Also, Mr Coffee theme includes all the necessary pages of the online store WooCommerce ready. So that you can sell your goods.

This theme contains everything you need to create an amazing restaurant website with WordPress homepage, gallery, blog, testimonials, catalog of coffee, tea, desserts, product page, shopping cart, order and other. Also the theme includes additional creative pages such ad typography, coming soon and 404 page. This theme is compatible with a bundle of premium plugin: Visual Composer. This Plugin is easy to use drag and drop page builder that will help you to create any layout you can imagine fast and easy. No coding skills required!

So, that’s that.  A solid WooCommerce template theme, a decent price, a great rating and it’s from a solid theme maker, I think there’s a lot to love about Mister Coffee.

*** As it turns out, this is fake news, Joe’s Diner in San Francisco had nothing to do with Joe DiMaggio.  I didn’t know that.

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Mad Talent Designs – Brunch Pro

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Brunch Pro

Brunch Pro minimalist WordPress recipe blog theme

Brunch Pro may remind you a little bit of Foodie Pro, one of the most popular food blog WordPress themes around and probably the best selling food related Genesis child theme.  That’s because it’s styled to look a whole lot like it, but there are some differences that set the two apart and make it sensible to review both.

I live in a town that seemingly runs on a brunch based economy, so I know that sites need a great looking website to compete.  If you don’t, then how are the customers going to find you?  If they do find you, how are they going to select your restaurant from all the competition?  With a great website, you stand a fighting chance!

Brunch Pro is a simple looking theme that has the heart of a lion.  Genesis themes are known to be fast, SEO friendly and simple to customize.  It’s all about user friendliness, which is what Brunch Pro brings to the table.  Coffees shops need fast loading, attractive websites and Brunch Pro can deliver that.

The design has so much white space, you might even consider it to be a minimalist WordPress theme, but it doesn’t have to be.  You can adjust the fonts, the colors, the layout too, resulting in a finely tuned machine that delivers a great user experience to all of your readers or blog visitors.

The customizer is incredibly simple to use.  Change fonts, colors and more.  Add your social networking links to really dive deep into social networks, harnessing the Power of Pinterest! The Thrill of Twitter! The Features of Facebook!  The Lusciousness(??) of LinkedIn!

You get the picture.  This theme is great for what it’s great for, restaurants, food blogs, recipe sharing web templates.  The possibilities are endless, so what would you do with a theme like Brunch Pro?

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Mad Talent Designs – Restaurant Cafe

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Restaurant Cafe

VamTam VIP Restaurant Cafe Theme

Look at all that white space! not sure I want unpeeled, quartered figs on my pancakes, but hey, looks great even if it tastes poor.

This one looks absolutely scrumptious.  Well, sort of.  I mean, look at that stupid image up there, who eats pancakes like that?  Then again, that’s the stock photographer’s problem, not the theme makers.  Anyway, speaking of theme makers, this is by VanTam, a Power Elite Theme Maker on Theme Forest.  Here’s how they let us get to know Restaurant Café, which is cleverly tagged as a ‘Theme for Restaurants and Cafés’.

This lovely niche theme is built and suitable for any business operating in the Restaurant industry. Restaurants, cafes, bars, bistros, bakery, pubs, cafeteria, coffee shop pizzerias or other restaurant related businesses, this is the theme for you. It has purpose oriented design and comes with powerful Reservation Solution, Menu pages, Shop, Reviews, Q&A and Team Member pages. It is suitable for users with zero programming skills as well as advanced developers.

Okay, all jokes aside, this is a well done theme, or is it rare?  Both maybe?  over 600 sales and a near perfect rating of 4.9 attest to the high quality of the design, the features, the code and the support.

There are multiple demo sites included too, like a sushi restaurant, the coffee shop theme demo, a handful of standard restaurant web template styles and a lot more.

GTMetrix gives this theme a page speed score of 97%, which is really strong, so you know this template loads up fast.  That’s very important, particularly for folks accessing your site via mobile devices.  Who wants to sit there with the icon spinning while your site loads up?

Not me.

Restaurant Café supports Woo Commerce, there are an infinite variety of layouts possible, Restaurant Café has a one click demo installation button for getting your site up and running quickly and Restaurant Café is incredibly SEO friendly too, from code to layout to load times, everything was made with SEO in mind.

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Coffee Shop, Restaurant, WooCommerce

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Mad Talent Designs – Bon Appetit

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Bon Appetit

This place must be incredible, they’re charging $22 for Egg Beaters scrambled with slow-roasted tomatoes, onion, fresh spinach and mushrooms. Egg Beaters? Really?  But, like they say, Bon Appetit is the best choice for the website of your Restaurant, Cafe, Bakery, Bar or Coffee shop. It’s fully Responsive and Easy to Customize using Drag & Drop Visual Composer

This theme is called Bon Appetit.  Of course, that reminds me of something else, this little gem from SNL.

So, now that that obvious joke is out of the way, let’s take a look at what Bon Appetit brings to the table with regard to features, style and usability.  At first glance, you can tell this theme is very modern, stylish and made especially for restaurants and coffee shops, bar and grills, even food blogs.  Where it really shines is as a WP restaurant template and that’s what we’ll be reviewing today.

Bon Appetit has a reservations module so you can accept reservations using Open Table, there’s the menu module of course, Revolution Slider is included and there are parallax and video background options you can choose.  Be careful with that, you’ll need a great looking image or video to make the impact as great as it can be.  CSS3 and HTML code are spotless and this theme loads fast too, so it’s great for localized SEO.  That’s the key to ranking a restaurant high in the SERPs.

Bon Appetit has a nearly 4.7 rating out of 5 stars on ThemeForest, so folks recognize the quality.  It’s popular too, closing in on 1000 sales overall and more coming every day.  Wow, it’s only been out for less than three years, so it’s getting a download a day.  That high rating indicates that the documentation and support are excellent too.

Smooth, tasty, attractive and easy to use, Bon Appetit is a wonderful combination for making the best website you can make with WordPress.

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Mad Talent Designs – Downtown Coffee

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Downtown Coffee

Downtown Bistro and Coffee Shop Theme

This is a Tesla Themes entry into the world of coffee shop templates and it’s called Downtown.  I swear, every time I hear that name, I think of this song.

Downtown by Petula Clark, I love that song.  It’s that Seinfeld thing, I think.  I love Seinfeld.  Oh yeah, that’s an embedded video by the way.  For other themes that let you embed videos, check out our collection.

So, back to Downtown, a great looking food blog theme, recipe website, a template ideal for coffee shops, restaurants and bars and a ton more.  Want a wonderful presentation for your restaurant?  This theme is the real deal.  Tesla Themes describes Downtown as a theme that’s clean, responsive and modern, with plenty of features specifically designed for restauranteurs and coffee shop owners.

The Downtown WordPress theme includes some nice elements and dedicated features like: reservation form, filterable menu, recipe pages, Parallax effect ans stylish transitions,  buit-in shortcodes, custom widgets, social media integration, Google maps, and much more.

Downtown includes the amazing Revolution Slider with awesome transitions effects, animations, 3D effects and a handy drag & drop editor to easily customize and add images, videos and effects to your home page slider.

Downtown is powered by Tesla Framework, a powerful frame and administration tool that allows you to easily customize the look and functionality of your theme, without advanced knowledge of web development. It gives you the possibility to customize and manage your theme settings from a dedicated area within your WordPress Admin.

Yep, it’s responsive, has plenty of built in short codes, there is support for all kinds of social media connections, Google maps, an AJAX contact form and custom post types like Calendar, team members, services and testimonials, must to name a few.

All in all, another nice theme by Tesla Themes.

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Mad Talent Designs – Granny

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Granny Restaurant WordPress theme for Coffee Shops

Granny comes with a beautiful collection of modern, easily importable, and highly customizable homepage layouts. Create your website without any effort and adapt it to suit your needs quickly and easily.

This is Granny, a flexible and dynamic WordPress theme for coffee shops and restaurants, casual dining and fine dining establishments too.  This theme is completely flexible, it works with pretty much any plugin you could possibly imagine, it’s simple to customize and create any layout you want and it’s well coded too.

Granny is a restaurant WordPress theme suitable for any business operating in the Restaurant industry!! Restaurants, Cafes, Bistros, Bakery, Cafeteria, Coffee Shop, Pizzerias or any other food-related business. Based on Visual Composer & designed with great attention to details, flexibility and performance. It is ultra professional, smooth and sleek, with a clean modern layout.

More?  Well, okay.

Granny comes with most advanced live website builder on WordPress. Featuring the latest web technologies, enjoyable UX and the most beautiful design trends. Our theme provides a platform to simply drag and drop elements, choose styles and play around with the look and feel of your site with an instant preview, before your changes go live.

Build beautiful, intelligent websites with more than 16 Homepage Concepts ready to go or combine, build a layout has never been easier. There is a huge range of styled pages waiting for your customization, anything you can think of can be built with our theme. If you are searching for innovative, modern and clean Food Related WordPress Theme, you must choose Granny.

Granny is perfect for any business operating in the Restaurant industry!! Restaurants, Cafes, Bistros, Bakery, Cafeteria, Coffee Shop, pizza or any other food-related business.Choose from Visual Composer or our awesome Page Builder to craft your website with, both are included with Granny.

Granny comes with everything you need to create and manage a stunning restaurant website such as menu management, gallery management, blogging, contact form and also online reservation forms. It is also packed with everything you need to get started and create your own menu’s easily with our menu manager you can create, update, delete and reorder your price-list as you see fit.

Granny comes with necessary features and pages such as about, chefs, Guestbook, Gallery, pricing, FAQs, Contacts & all needed restaurant and food business layouts! We also add unlimited colors, 25 header layouts, 12 Page Titles, 11 Footers and more than 200 Blocks and Options. This Theme can easily satisfy all of your needs.

So, that’s the basic introduction to the Granny WordPress theme, an elegant restaurant template fit for high end restaurants.  Coffee shops too!

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