Mad Talent Designs – Maker Pro, Creative Agency and Genesis Child Theme

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Maker Pro, Creative Agency and Genesis Child Theme

Maker Pro WordPress Blog Theme

Maker Pro is a wonderful theme for just about any kind of creative pursuit, from blog writers to graphic designers, novelists to photographers, the Maker Pro theme is, simply put, a gorgeous theme that presents your work in a professional and creative manner.  Readability and usability.  That’s ultimately what a great WordPress theme can help you achieve and Maker Pro gets the job done very, very well.  A powerful Genesis Framework child theme like Maker Pro is totally filled with features that make your site great and since Maker Pro is completely responsive, it will look incredible on any browser, any kind of mobile device and it works great for all kinds of creative sites.  Maker Pro is great for anyone in any creative field, particularly if you don’t want to have to mess around with coding, since the entire theme is flexible enough to change the look with just a few clicks.

The Maker Pro WordPress Genesis Framework Theme includes the following functionality:

  • Custom Header
  • HTML5 Markup
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Theme Customizer
  • Theme Options
  • Translation Ready
  • Layout Options

And that’s just for starters.  This theme is responsive, beautiful, easy to edit and rock solid, with great SEO and load speeds that are blazing fast.  I think it’s an all around winner of a WordPress theme.  Maker Pro is a fantastic pick for a wide variety of websites, we’ve seen some stunning stuff out there, to be honest.  So, whether you’re looking for a WordPress personal blog theme or a great looking WordPress portfolio template, Maker Pro is one of the best choices there is.  We hope you enjoy it.

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Mad Talent Designs – Hello Pro, Genesis Framework Personal Branding Theme

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Hello Pro, Genesis Framework Personal Branding Theme

Hello Pro Personal Branding Theme for WordPress

Hello Pro is an awesome looking resumé and personal branding theme, it’s a wonderful way to present your skills, your experience and your own personal brand.  Ultimately, a WordPress theme can be a great calling card and if you pick a great one like Hello Pro, you’re absolutely certain to make an outstanding first impression.  With Hello Pro, you get an amazing Genesis Framework theme that helps achieve your goals of presenting your skills and resume with a high degree of professionalism.  Hello Pro offers multiple page layouts as well as multiple post layouts, you can change pretty much any setting on the theme from fonts to colors to more.  For branding yourself, branding a small agency, creating an awesome curriculum vitae site or for personal blogging, Hello Pro is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to a wider audience.

More awesome features for this theme include…

  • 3 layout options
  • custom header
  • featured images
  • HTML5 markup
  • mobile responsive
  • theme customizer
  • theme options
  • translation ready

Like all Genesis Framework WordPress themes, Hello Pro is completely responsive and you can easily customize this theme to look and feel just the way you want it.  Select a custom page template and customize it with the live theme customizer.  There are three widget areas that you can utilize to add custom functions and features and this theme is also fluid, responsive and looks fantastic on all screen sizes.

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Mad Talent Designs – Showcase Pro, Marketing, Creative Agency and Portfolio Theme

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Showcase Pro, Marketing, Creative Agency and Portfolio Theme

This is Showcase Pro, a great looking Genesis Framework child theme and it’s going to knock your socks off with delightful design, amazing features, really reliable performance and a dancing pony.

Okay, I’m lying about the pony, but the rest is completely true.

Showcase Pro WordPress theme

Simple, smart design.  So far, so good.

Showcase Pro is a modern, glorious, simple and stunningly creative WordPress Genesis Framework child theme that focuses all of your reader’s attention on the thing that truly matters, your amazing content, whether it’s written or visual.  Showcase Pro can handle it.  The tagline says ‘Make an impact, beautifully’ and that’s a great way of putting it, in my opinion.  Showcase Pro is bold, dynamic and beautiful.  Showcase Pro is a Genesis Framework child theme, which means it’s super user friendly and incredibly feature rich.  Genesis is a wonderful platform for building a great site, no matter the topic and Showcase Pro proves that.  Showcase Pro is a third party theme, but it’s completely supported by StudioPress and JT Grauke.  With live theme customizer, multiple widget areas, customizable headers and a wonderfully responsive layout, Showcase Pro could be an ideal theme for any creative website or freelance designer.

Let’s see Showcase Pro in action, shall we?

Ann Byrn Showcase Pro WordPress Theme Sample 1

That’s the site of best selling cookbook author Anne Byrn, built on the Showcase Pro WordPress theme.  Looks fantastic, they clearly spent some time putting this site together, which is what a great web designer should do, but it’s not always what they do.  A great web designer will have a refined touch.  So, I guess we can mark this one down as working well for a recipe, cooking and food blog site, right?   For more WordPress recipe blog themes, try our collection.

Agilibility Showcase Pro Sample v2

And that’s Agilibility, a marketing company from Knoxville, Tennessee.  Don’t ask why a Tennessee marketing company has chosen to have a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge on their front page, I have no clue.  But that’s not really the point, the site looks great, I think Showcase Pro is a solid choice for a wide range of sites.  Looks like they do 360° marketing videos among some other stuff.  Here’s a look at their portfolio.  Pretty cool, right?  Are you looking for video themes for WordPress?  Is that how you found us?  Video?  Try our collection.

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Mad Talent Designs – Infinity Pro, Fullscreen WordPress Photographers and Writers Theme

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Infinity Pro, Fullscreen WordPress Photographers and Writers Theme

This is Infinity Pro, another amazing WordPress theme for the Genesis Framework.  Genesis is a rock solid framework that allows your site to load quickly, to look great on every device and browser and it gives you an incredible set of tools for building your business rapidly and with ease.  That’s a pretty good start, right?  I think so.

Infinity Pro Fullscreen WordPress business theme

What kinds of features should a WordPress business theme have?  Well, I think that flexibility in terms of layout and design is important.  Luckily, Infinity Pro allows you to customize your site to suit your brand.  Another key component is that your site should be responsive, so it looks great even on mobile devices and works properly no matter what browser your readers use to access your site.  Infinity Pro does all of that and more.

The best WordPress themes for small businesses should all have a flexible, feature rich admin panel for customizing your site the way you want it to be customized.  Infinity Pro does that.

A great WordPress business theme better offer WooCommerce support too.  Again, Infinity Pro has you covered with a stylish, minimalist shopping cart and all the features that go along with WooCommerce.  Don’t forget the extensions and addons available with WooCommerce.  Set up an affiliate marketing site, add support for multiple payment gateways, add shipping options, automatically tweet your product as you add them to your site, add table rate shipping, add extra product options, add multiple filters to your products, edit products in bulk and even sell digital downloads and subscriptions.  With Infinity Pro, you can do all of that and plenty more, just add some extensions.

If you’re in the market for more great minimalist WordPress themes, try this.  Or for additional fullscreen themes, we’ve got another great collection to peruse.  No matter what theme you choose, if you see it here, it’s of the highest quality, full featured with amazing support, no matter what.  We take pride in selecting only the very best of the best.  Anyway, that’s enough for now.

Here are a couple examples of folks using the Infinity Pro theme for their websites.  Abby Malone is a photographer.

Abby Malone Photography WordPress theme

Nice work with this theme.  Check out her full site here:

Michelle Woodward WordPress theme site

And Michele Woodward is a writer, doing freelance articles and copywriting as well as podcasts and eLearning, she’s like a life coach.  So, Infinity Pro works for a blog too, I guess.  Her full site is here:

If you do choose to use Infinity Pro, we’d love to see what you do with it.  Let us know in the comments.

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Mad Talent Designs – Monochrome Pro, Minimalist Black and White WordPress Theme

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Monochrome Pro, Minimalist Black and White WordPress Theme

Monochrome Pro WordPress minimalist theme

Simple and powerful, it’s a hard balance to strike but Monochrome Pro tries to strike the correct balance with an incredibly simple layout and enough features that you’ll be able to use this theme for nearly any sort of website.  If you want your online presence to be strong, substantial and robust, yet incredibly user friendly and intuitive for front and back end users alike, then Monochrome Pro may be a great fit.

For more about minimalism, check out this site.  It’s a pretty good read on the subject.

monochrome pro landing page theme

That’s Monochrome pro’s landing page example page, it gets all the information out there in a stylish, simple, clean and user friendly way.  Since Monochrome Pro is responsive, it looks great on all devices.  And with WooCommerce under the hood, you can sell any sort of product that can be sold in the internet, from digital downloads to handcrafted items, SEO services to electronics.  You get the idea, whatever you want to do, Monochrome Pro gives a really solid framework and it’s a simple, attractive platform to achieve your goals.  We’ve included Monochrome Pro in our collection of landing page themes.  For more landing page themes, check out our collection.

Monochrome Pro includes a ton of great functionality


  • accessibility ready
  • custom headers available
  • eCommerce ready
  • clean HTML5 markup, up to date code
  • premade landing page, attractive and professional
  • simple, attractive pricing page
  • mobile responsive for all devices
  • theme customizer for ultimate control
  • theme options panel for fine tuning settings
  • translation ready for any language, even RTL
  • left sidebar layout, right sidebar layout and full width layout available

There are a ton more elements and functions with Monochrome Pro.  Why not click below and take it for a spin. If it’s not quite what you had in mind, we’ve got a collection of minimalist WordPress themes you might enjoy.


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Mad Talent Designs – Gallery Pro, WordPress Photography Portfolio for Image Galleries

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Gallery Pro, WordPress Photography Portfolio for Image Galleries

Gallery Pro WordPress Genesis Child Theme

Sort of feminine, really beautiful and smooth running, this is Gallery Pro, a Genesis Framework child theme that’s oozing with style and packed with features.

Gallery Pro is a beautiful WordPress theme, it’s full of awesome features, great for blogs and photo portfolios as well as eCommerce shops.  We love the amazing, dynamic grid layouts that are included, which is why we’ve added this theme to our grid WordPress themes collection.  This multipurpose theme runs on the Genesis Framework, which makes it load fast, look great on every device and browser, and it makes for great SEO results and page load speeds.

There’s nothing Gallery Pro doesn’t do well.

Posh, yet minimalist, that’s how they describe Gallery Pro.  I guess that’s as good a description as any.  This theme is elegant and simple, modern and classic at the same time.

I really like the gorgeous typography, the way the images are framed and the simple, sleek layout.

Below, the blog layout sample.  Great typography, attractive images that don’t get in the way of your content.  It’s a great looking blog theme, not just for image galleries.

Gallery Pro WordPress portfolio theme with blog

I love the typography on Gallery Pro.

Take a look at the stylish shopping cart page below.  What kind of products can you sell with WooCommerce?  The answer is anything that can be sold.  WooCommerce is a great solution for any online shop because it’s free and you can add so many different addons and extensions, there’s nothing WooCommerce can’t do.

Gallery Pro WordPress elegant eCommerce Theme

Okay, here’s a snapshot of the shop page. A shop snapshot if you will.

For more attractive, powerful and user friendly Genesis child themes, try this collection.

If you’re looking for other WordPress image gallery themes, we’ve got a collection you’re going to need to see.

Gallery Pro not what you had in mind?  Well, let’s see what we can do about that.  We’ve gathered up a ton of portfolio themes you might be interested in.  Have a look, maybe something there strikes your fancy.

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Looking to see Gallery Pro in action?  Here are a couple great looking sites built using Gallery Pro.

This is a grand looking floral designer’s website.  Great use of images.

Floral Design Studio Theme WordPress

Very beautiful floral arrangement style for flower shops, wedding arrangements and more.

And an all around photography studio, they do portraits, weddings and other awesome looking photos.  Visual storytelling, that’s what it’s all about and with a great looking, highly professional theme like Gallery Pro, it’s absolutely possible to showcase your images and tell your story in a highly compelling and engaging way.  That’s going to help you succeed in building your online empire.  If you stick with it that is.

WordPress photography Studio Theme Studiopress

Professional photographers will love Gallery Pro, from Studiopress.

Alright, that’s pretty much all we’re going to say for now.  There’s plenty more to come later, but we hope this is a good look at what’s possible with the Gallery Pro theme.

Let us know if you use Gallery Pro and maybe we’ll link back to you here.


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