Mad Talent Designs – Sherlock, Multi-Purpose Visual Composer WordPress Theme

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Sherlock, Multi-Purpose Visual Composer WordPress Theme

Sherlock WordPress Theme Presentation – Flat and Multi-Purpose

Hooray, it’s another Visual Composer theme!  Whoopie!!!  Everybody seems to love Visual Composer because it’s super easy to use, but I think these themes are incredibly trashy.  They suffer from assive amounts of bloat, you can get locked into your theme with very little chance to simply switch to a different theme without losing information or simply breaking your entire website and if you download a theme that has Visual Composer bundled with it, you’re basically at the whims of the theme developer to update their theme with the newest Visual Composer iteration.

That’s not a great thing.

But, sometimes the positives outweigh the negatives and you may find some Visual Composer powered multipurpose themes to be worth the time and effort it takes to get them working properly.  Anyway, that’s neither here nor there, but here…is what the theme’s developer has to say about the Sherlock WordPress theme.

Sherlock is a Creative WordPress Theme with an amazing modern design. Pixel Perfect WordPress Theme built with Visual Composer. You can choose from 170 + Page Templates. Every page is easily to customizable with infinite options given by our Advanced Theme Options Panel. There lot of premium plugins included for free like Revolution Slider and Layer Slider

Well, those are some bloated plugins all around and they’re almost guaranteed to slow your website down.  That’s going to tank your rankings, so I’d suggest you avoid those kinds of WordPress plugins and themes that rely heavily on Visual Composer and other code-bloated tools.

Sherlock is by THEMEPLE, who have quite a few themes available on ThemeForest, many of them are quite popular.  But that’s the trend these days, pile tons of stuff into a theme, bundle it up and sell it for $60 and people think it’s a huge bargain.  And, I suppose it is, until something breaks, that is.

Sherlock is off to a fast start with sales, but I’m a little concerned since one of their last themes, Motive, has gotten absolutely brutalized by reviewers to the tune of a 3.2 overall rating on ThemeForest.  I see a lot of defensiveness an deflection in the comments, sounds like their support forum is lacking and it’s showing with the very, very bad reviews, 20% of reviews have given this theme a 1 star rating and that’s just not acceptable.

Again, that’s for THEMEPLE’s other theme Motive, the Sherlock theme is as yet unrated, though I’m concerned what it’ll be like when it does get a handful of ratings.

If you’re looking for a theme I really do recommend highly, try Mango.  Basically, it’s the polar opposite of the Sherlock theme.  It loads fast, it’s cleanly built with strong code, it’s simple to use and it’s a great value.  I highly recommend it.

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Mad Talent Designs – Monstroid, Powerful, Multi-Purpose Business Theme

This is an article we found that you may be interested in.

Monstroid, Powerful, Multi-Purpose Business Theme Themes - 2017's Best WordPress Templates TemplateMonster

Run, it’s a Monstroid!  Wait, there’s nothing to fear here.  Monstroid, well Monstroid2 really, is a good looking business theme wearing a green suit.  But that suit (the color scheme) is just one of the things that can be switched up to a different look and feel entirely.

Essential and custom functionality, Monstroid is packed with them.  That’s what the ad copy says anyway.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

There are nine design options, from corporate to highly creative.  Multiple headers and footers are available too.  Tons of blog options from grids, including masonry grid, to listings and everything in between.  WooCommerce support means you can sell your products in a fast, friendly environment that is simple to manage and highly customizable.

Here’s what the developer says about Monstroid2.

Monstroid2 is a truly multipurpose WordPress theme built for real life projects. It’s a perfect solution for corporate websites, hotels, restaurants, creative websites, shop owners, bloggers, online media portals and much more. In this particular theme we’ve made a special accent on functionality and usability. The theme is equipped with all necessary plugins to run real business website successfully. Besides that, the process of skin switching and demo data import has never been so easy. Now you can enable a necessary skin, install plugins and import demo data in just a few clicks with a help of human friendly installation wizard. The theme works out of the box and does not require any coding skills to make it work as expected. Monstroid2 comes with Power Builder plugin that helps to create unique and versatile page layouts in visual mode. It integrates all plugins supplied with the theme and gives you full control over your site content.

Alighty then, I’m going to take a deep breath and try to list all the plugins this theme is compatible with.

bbPress, Events Calendar, PowerBuilder, Cherry Search, WooCommerce, Cherry Projects, MotoPress Hotel Booking, MotoPress Menu, BuddyPress, TM WooCommerce Pack and a ton more.  I’m going to come clean, I didn’t hold my breath.  Still, that’s a lot of features.

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