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Resume WordPress vCard theme from Tesla Themes

Make an entrance nobody will even forget with Resumé, by Tesla Themes.

Tesla Themes has been hard at work creating this incredible vCard theme for WordPress.  For folks who want that cool looking fun and flat design with tons of features, a simple to manage customization interface, this is it.  That’s all there is to it.  Resumé is the ideal frame for your portfolio and it does all it can to help you highlight your skills for the world to see.  Resumé has clean, perfectly validated code, it supports all browsers perfectly, the responsive layout looks incredible on all devices, the site is optimized for page load speeds and with Font Awesome integration, your typography game is gonna be lit, as the kids say.

Here’s what Tesla Themes says about their Resumé WordPress theme.

Would you like to represent your work experience and portfolio in a unique, creative way? We have a great premium WordPress theme for that, it’s called Resume. It’s a beautiful CV template with bold typography, vivid colors, smooth transitions and effects and lots of advanced features. It has everything you need to make your personal website the best place to showcase your works, skills, awards, testimonials and more.  Resume is built using the latest technologies and libraries (Bootstrap, fullPage.js, font-awesome, etc.) and suits anybody in search of a unique and stylish CV template.

Resumé has built in shortcodes, complete support for localization, it’s updated frequently and as with all Tesla Themes, it’s perfectly supported and documented extensively.  That means this is a site and a template you can count on.

Priced at $48 for a single theme, or $99 for a developer license that includes all 67 of Tesla Themes offerings, that’s a pretty good deal.  Tech support, unlimited domains, it’s all there and it all helps to make Tesla Themes one of the best bargains around when it comes to premium quality WordPress themes.

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Mad Talent Designs – Passage

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vCard Theme Passage Premium Personal Page WordPress Theme

Passage is a parallax theme with the optional ability to work hard as your vCard or online resumé web template.

Passage is a parallax theme that’s also a great solution for an online calling card.  With passage, since it’s so flexible and modular, you can make yourself a sort of biography WordPress theme.  That lets your visitors see everything you have to offer in terms of work history, experiences, you can show off your portfolio and even let folks know your latest thoughts with your own blog.  And the parallax style doesn’t hurt your chances of making a big impact, that’s for sure.

There are tons of great features with Passage and I’m going to highlight just a handful of them here.

Mix Full-Width and Small/Normal/Large Grid Size – Choose full-width or standard small/normal/large grid for header, footer or content separately and create an amazing combination perfect for you.

Fully Customizable Headers – Each page can have it’s own custom header with different height and background image or slider. Also you can have fixed header ON/OFF.

AJAX Animations ON/OFF – Choose between 4 fluid AJAX animated transitions between pages for a creative experience or turn AJAX off to create a classic website. Besides the predefined animations, create your own scenario by choosing animation type for any page individually.

Bonus Parallax Pages – PASSAGE comes with an amazing bonus feature – easy to create Parallax pages perfect for presentations, microsites or a new homepage.

Interactive Elements – Counters, horizontal graphs, vertical graphs, charts, services with animations, elements with animation

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin included ($15 value) – Create a responsive(mobile friendly) or fullwidth slider with must-see-effects and meanwhile keep or build your SEO optimization (all content always readable for search engines)

Easy-To-Use Powerful Admin Interface – PASSAGE comes with very intuitive, easy to use admin interface. Add unlimited sliders and slides while you are editing page/post/portfolio, add unlimited portfolio images or videos while editing your portfolio item, add unlimited parallax section to any page.

Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Passage has sold over 1400 times so far on ThemeForest and the 4.32 rating is very solidly above average.  So modular, so flexible, so modern and easy to use, I can see why Passage has been so incredibly popular with buyers who need a great looking parallax vCard theme for their personal profile.

One Page, Parallax, vCard

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Mad Talent Designs – Reversal

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Reversal is a simple and professional vCard theme for WordPress

With a fun horizontal scrolling style, people aren’t likely to forget the Reversal theme, or your personal online profile, anytime soon. That’s a good thing.  A very good thing.

This theme is called Reversal and it’s been described as an ‘about me WordPress theme‘  I like that description a lot.  Not to be confused with traditional personal blog themes, Reversal is a full fledged vCard or resumé theme where you can share your contact information, social media links, your resumé or curriculum vitae, your portfolio and more.  It’s a great way to introduce yourself to the rest of the world.  Best of all, the hot side scrolling action that truly sets this theme apart from the rest.

With over a thousand downloads, the reviews are largely positive, this theme gets a 4.17 rating out of 5 stars on ThemeForest.

Developed by Bit Fade, this is their description of this vCard wonder.

Reversal is a clean, minimal and elegant one page portfolio WordPress Theme suitable for any kind of creative and business use. The theme features optional one page structure with cool side-to-side page scrolling transitions. The theme is fully responsive and has been optimized for tablet and mobile platforms. Reversal also employs compression of all css/javascript ensuring lightning fast page loading times, so your visitors are not kept waiting. See below for a more detailed feature list.

I definitely recommend this theme for any online resume, particularly when you need a theme that really attracts attention due to it’s unique layout and design.

One big drawback is that this theme doesn’t work with PHP 7+.  That’s a shame, since it’s so much faster than PHP 5.6, which is the highest you can go safely with the Reversal theme.  It’s a function of the framework that this theme was built on, so it’s not likely that they ever decide to update this theme.

Still, a solid theme if you like the look.


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Mad Talent Designs – Cascade

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cascade colorful flat vcard template

Writers, designers, coders and all kinds of creatives need a great looking theme to showcase their skills and experience. Cascade wants to be your vCard theme.

Want a full featured WordPress resumé builder?  Well, take a look at Cascade.  This colorful, stylish and thoughtfully arranged theme is one of the better examples I’ve seen lately of the perfect marriage of portfolio, contact information, social network engagement and portfolio.  It’s a resumé theme with a ‘can do’ attitude.  The responsive design is a great touch too, it means this theme looks great on all devices, it’s SEO optimized for fast load times and you’ll have no problem with creating great user engagement, since it’s so simple to navigate the website you create.

Photographers and web developers are going to love this theme.

Quantica Labs says this about Cascade.

Cascade is a minimalistic personal vCard WordPress Theme based on colorful vertical menu tabs. Tabs are presenting content of the pages. Each page is a single tab.  The Theme comes loaded with dark and light skin, possibility to add unlimited number of tabs, 8 predefined tab colors and 10 predefined tab icons to choose from, 20 predefined page backgrounds and 10 predefined social icons. There is also possibility to define custom tab background image. The Theme is fully customizable with build-in lightbox, google map shortcode, working contact form, latest tweets widget etc.

Want to set your theme up to look exactly like the demo?  Just download and import the demo data and it’s done.  Just a couple clicks get that done.

Here’s something I love too, they actually tell you where they are in the world so you know what to expect for support times.

Support is conducted through our Support Forum. We’re in GMT +1 and we aim to answer all questions within 24 hours in weekdays. In some cases the waiting time can be extended to 48 hours. Support requests sent during weekends or public holidays will be processed on next Monday or the next business day.

Good stuff.  Okay, Cascade has a 4.44 star rating average on ThemeForest and with over 3000 downloads, it’s popular.  This theme is still fully supported and I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a vCard theme.


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Mad Talent Designs – Scrollex

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Scrollex WordPress resume builder emporium and VCard Template

Scrollex practically oozes style, it’s responsive, it’s beautiful and it’s user friendly. Not to be confused with Skrillex.

Scrollex is a really nice example of a parallax web template that also doubles as a great looking vCard theme for your personal information.

The theme is described by the developer, x40, as…

Skrollex is multi-purpose, creative, one page parallax, responsive theme for portfolio showcase, modern businesses, agency, photography, creative teams, resume, personal use, etc.

x40 has had a ton of success with scrollex, it’s garnered a 4.27 ratings on over 1000 sales do far on ThemeForest.  That’s impressive, especially considering that’s in just about 16 months or so.  Maybe this is part of why.

Scrollex vCard theme demo looks

Here are 24 different styles and looks that are available with Scrollex and there are tons more things you can do to set your site apart from the masses.

That’s a very impressive set of theme demo sites you can check out to get inspiration from.

x40 seems to do their duty in terms of supporting this theme, the responses are fast and friendly, dealing with a wide variety of issues that always crop up for some users.

That’s a great sign.

Some of the recent reviews are absolutely fantastic.

Really nice theme, just like the one i was looking for. Hope it had more features like Support Popular E-commerce Plugins.


Or this one.

This is just a flat out nice theme! It’s easy to edit and customize if you have medium – advanced WP experience.


Alright, one more for the road.

One of the best WordPress Layers themes I have found. Easy to work with, clean code, very flexible. A+++ Thank you!


So, great features, a great look, great reviews and great support, this is a great theme and I think you cna’t go wrong with Scrollex if you happen to choose it for your own website.

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Mad Talent Designs – Squares

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Squares Web Developer Resumé and vCard Theme

Hey there John Doe, let’s get to know you. The minimalist vCard style is impressive and fun, simple to navigate and very user-friendly to customize.  With a theme like this, there’s no reason your site can’t look precisely like you want it to look on all devices, every time it loads up.

This CV theme is alleged to highlight the career and work history, as well as portfolio, of a guy named John Doe.  We all know that’s a fake name, but the effects are real.  Very real.  John Doe, which is actually called Squares by the way since it’s been renamed, is simple, it’s straightforward in it’s design and it’s been one of the more popular vCard or CV themes around for quite some time now.

This Squares theme loads up rapidly and it looks great on all types of devices, since it’s responsive.  There are over a dozen background patterns included, Squares is enhanced with Javascript, but doesn’t get crazy with the effects, so it’s not ‘in your face’.  The page transitions are nice, subtle and add something to the experience.  With a custom made bar graph for displaying skills, a hand made portfolio slideshow, six color presets and a fully functional AJAX contact form, this theme has everything you need to get started down the road to making a vCard theme that you can really be proud of.

Squares hasn’t proven very popular though, I’ll say that.  Just 13 downloads so far.  Ouch!  So if you’re interested in it, you better get it fast because I sense that ThemeForest will pull this theme down any day now.  That’s what they do with themes that don’t perform well.  You know, that’s the deal though, if you like this style, then it could be the one for you.  If not, maybe it’s not a great fit.

Such is life!


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Mad Talent Designs – Moje

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Moje vCard Bootstrap Responsive WordPress Theme

Moje is a striking WordPress theme for vCards, with fullscreen design and highly attractive layout, it’s an attention getter that makes your contact information, your education, skills and experiences the star of the show.

Moje is a fullscreen vCard theme for creative people and companies who want a great looking destination for their resumé and portfolio.  Moje has a lot of features that come standard, you know the ones, responsive layout, retina ready image display, single or multi-page layouts, dark or light color schemes and multiple color options.  Created by Theme Bakers, this is what they have to say about their own theme.

Moje is a stylish vCard theme loaded with features which makes it a perfect choice for your resume, minimalistic or even full blown portfolio website. You can either use it as a single page site or multi-page site. It is powered by Bootstrap 3 hence it works from desktops to tablets to smartphones flawlessly and awesomely.

So, functionality is…baked into this theme.  I couldn’t help myself there, sorry.

Moje has been downloaded over 300 times and it has a great 4.5+ rating on ThemeForest.  Really solid stuff.

The resumé builder is easy to use and makes your skills, experiences, education and job history really look good.  With localization support, you can translate Moje into any language really, really quickly.  There’s demo data included and Moje is well supported too and looking at their changelog, they keep up with tons of routine updates, upgrades and all around improvements with this theme.  I think you can purchase this theme with absolute confidence.

***EDIT – please read this before you purchase this theme.

Okay, here we go, the bad news.  So, I’ve been looking into this theme a bit more and there are some issues cropping up.

Here’s a comment from 9 months ago.

Hi there! I own your HTML version and am considering buying the WP version (specifically for the blog template). There are several versions (default, clean, extra, alternative, etc) I can use in the HTML and am wondering if this is also ported to the WP version?

No response.  Now this from 11 months ago, somebody has some pre-purchase questions.

1. The template comes with the demo (template) data? Can I install it with the content (and change everything after?)

2. Is it possible to change the contact part of the template? I don’t like the visitor needs to click on the message icon to open the contact form. Can I put the contact for as a window near to the ‘Do you want to hire me’ window? Or inside that window?

3. Can I change the font types, sizes, colors, icons everywhere? E.g.: menu icons, icons on the pages, contacts fonts sizes, menu text sizes, heading font sizes, and font family etc etc.

4. Can I translate the template? (to Hungarian). Via .po file?

Again, no response.  Looks like this theme is no longer being supported, which is a shame.  So, all in all, I can’t really recommend this theme unless you feel confident that you can support it yourself.  You’re on your own, I guess.

I’ll answer those questions here though.

1. Yes, it includes dummy data you can import.

2. That change would require some coding, it’s not part of the features that can be easily changed.

3. Yes, font sizes can easily be changed, but you’ll need to get into the CSS to do it.

4. Absolutely, all languages are supported, even RTL languages.

Okay, that’s enough for today.  Let us know what you think!

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Mad Talent Designs – uCard

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for more clever vcard themes, try this collection

Clever looking design, excellent visual layout and tons of features. Yep, that’s what this uCard theme is all about.

uCard is a great looking theme for resumé sites and vCards, as well as portfolios and personal blogs.  It’s a powerful combination that’s going to be a Godsend for many bloggers out there.  uCard is sort of an ‘about me’ page for you.  That’s what a resumé is, after all, and uCard is a great looking, stylish way to present yourself to the world.  With uCard, you can make sure people know what you have to offer, you can ensure that your content looks great and your skills are highly polished and presented in a professional way.

PixelWars are no stranger to vCard templatess, in fact, this is another one we recently reviewed.  It’s called Empathy.

PixelWars does a great job with their vCard templates and this uCard theme is definitely on point.  It shows, with over 18000 downloads and counting, these guys make really strong vCard themes that are incredibly popular and well rated too.  The style is strong, it’s clear, the navigation is easy to manage.  Editing your theme is also a breeze, this theme just oozes simplicity in terms of creating a look, a feel that perfectly matches your brand, your personal style or the style you want to project.

uCard has a flay, almost minimalist style, the list of features is impressive and as a virtual business card, uCard gets the job done with style.

Responsive and Retina ready, uCard adds all the most popular Google fonts, over 30 social networking icons for the most popular social networks, flexible image and video displays, which you can either self host or embed, if you’d rather go that direction.  AJAX filterable portfolios that support video or images, SEO optimization and more, that’s a lot of why we recommend the uCard theme for anyone looking to build their online presence with a greta looking resumé or vCard website.

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Mad Talent Designs – Aveo, Flat and Functional WordPress vCard Theme

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Aveo, Flat and Functional WordPress vCard Theme

Aveo Alex Smith Just another WordPress vCard Theme site

Aveo is all about letting you promote yourself.  This drag and drop vCard WordPress theme has unlimited color schemes, cool and funky page transitions, a powerful portfolio and it’s super simple to install and customize.  It’s a nice looking way to make a strong case for yourself on the web.  With a simple, flat design and plenty of white space, this responsive theme is a creative and cool way to highlight your work experience, your portfolio, a personal blog page and, of course, your vCard or resumé.

LMPixels is the theme maker here and they’ve had some success in the past creating very high quality, well received vCard themes.  For example, their theme called Unique, another vCard theme, has scored a perfect 5.0 rating on Theme Forest.  One of the rare themes to do that.  So, that’s a pretty good sign that Aveo should enjoy similar success.

Aveo WordPress Theme is a  premium tool to promote yourself. Ready to look stunning on any device – from a widescreen monitor to a mobile phone.

I was reading through some of the comments on this theme and noticed this exchange between a prospective buyer and the developer.

Great looking theme. pre purchase question On the demo the homepage seems to blink white when the text changes under the name so it goes completely white. Also on the portfolio page when you hover over each work example the page goes white. Is this a bug.

Within an hour, the developer said this.

Hello. Thanks for your comment, in which browser do you see this bug?

A few minutes later, this.

We were able to reproduce this issue in Mozilla Firefox + macOS, and we fixed it, today we will release an update of the theme. Thanks again for your comment.

And a half hour later.

Theme updated.

That’s a great sign, I’d say.  When the developer gets on an issue and sorts it out that fast, you can bet that the support, the theme updates, the little annoying bug fixes are going to be fast and efficient.

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Mad Talent Designs – Hello Pro, Genesis Framework Personal Branding Theme

This is an article we found that you may be interested in.

Hello Pro, Genesis Framework Personal Branding Theme

Hello Pro Personal Branding Theme for WordPress

Hello Pro is an awesome looking resumé and personal branding theme, it’s a wonderful way to present your skills, your experience and your own personal brand.  Ultimately, a WordPress theme can be a great calling card and if you pick a great one like Hello Pro, you’re absolutely certain to make an outstanding first impression.  With Hello Pro, you get an amazing Genesis Framework theme that helps achieve your goals of presenting your skills and resume with a high degree of professionalism.  Hello Pro offers multiple page layouts as well as multiple post layouts, you can change pretty much any setting on the theme from fonts to colors to more.  For branding yourself, branding a small agency, creating an awesome curriculum vitae site or for personal blogging, Hello Pro is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to a wider audience.

Put your name and your message at the forefront with Hello! Pro, the theme that establishes your unique personal brand. Give a warm welcome to site visitors and draw them into your brand messaging with this beautiful premium theme from StudioPress.

More awesome features for this theme include…

  • 3 layout options
  • custom header
  • featured images
  • HTML5 markup
  • mobile responsive
  • theme customizer
  • theme options
  • translation ready

Like all Genesis Framework WordPress themes, Hello Pro is completely responsive and you can easily customize this theme to look and feel just the way you want it.  Select a custom page template and customize it with the live theme customizer.  There are three widget areas that you can utilize to add custom functions and features and this theme is also fluid, responsive and looks fantastic on all screen sizes.

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