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Provilio WordPress Portfolio Themes for Creative Minds

The idea behind Provolio, craft the ultimate WordPress portfolio theme experience. The beautiful design, paired with powerful theme options and a drag-and-drop page builder makes it the most valuable WordPress theme on the market.

There’s a lot to like about Provolio, a portfolio theme for WordPress sites that value creativity and functionality in equal measure.  Provolio is a really nice looking theme, the layouts are clear and well made and for building an online gallery, it really is tough to top this theme.  Provolio has parallax layouts, a ton of variety in image placement, size and shape, there are multiple contact pages, multiple blog types, service pages and a lot more.

Visual Composer and Slider Revolution are included, as is Essential Grid.  The first two, I really don’t enjoy, but Essential Grid is fine.  There’s one click demo data import, responsive and fluid design and tons of theme options to choose from.  Provolio is a WooCommerce WordPress theme too.

Created by an Elite Author on ThemeForest, Provolio has sold over 150 times, which really isn’t a ton.  That’s after around nine months on the market.  The rating isn’t sparkling either at 3.9 overall.

Ruh roh.

Unfortunately I have to tell this theme does not work properly. The Grid composer plug-in does not work, the support is incredibly slow and not helpful at all. Even they don’t seem able to make it work. I am having a very bad experience. I would not recommend to buy it.

Looks like we’ve got a critic!

And there are plenty of issues with Visual Composer not updating properly, which is common and one of the many reasons we don’t recommend a lot of Visual Composer based themes.  Another recent issue.

Hi. (sorry for my English) I installed the theme but does not work the visual layout designer. I see that is not updated and may not work with the latest version of WordPress 4.5.2. And your theme? Does it works with this update of wordpres? Please help

At least the developer DeTheme, gets back to folks quickly, which is better than some people.  Anyway, buyer beware, there are issues with this theme, but damn, does it look nice!

Folks have been asking us to add samples of websites using these themes as we review them and I think that’s a fantastic idea, so here’s a site called Gallery No. 9 and how they use Provolio.

Provolio Theme Demo site

Gallery No. 9 creates intuitive, user-centered digital solutions and outstanding brand and identity collateral and they have a blast while doing it.

Branding and Identity, IX/UX design.  When folks who are into that kind of stuff choose your WP theme, that’s a great sign.  (Even if they are from Kansas City.)  If you want more great WordPress agency themes, try this collection.

This website is called Cuéllar Cultural. Edades del Hombre en Cuellar

The Ages of Man have become a reference for restoration in Castilla y León.  The foundation also takes into account the scientific research of cultural works, which is carried out to obtain a greater knowledge of the heritage and to give a scientific approach to each of the exhibitions.

So, that’s a hint of a taste of a look at what Provolio does for the websites that use it.  It really does have a nice style, it’s well organized, it’s simple to use and pretty much bug free, though the use of Visual Composer is troubling.

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Mad Talent Designs – Best WordPress Visual Composer Themes

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Best WordPress Visual Composer Themes

Visual Composer is the absolute most popular drag and drop page builder on the market.  It’s so widely used because it’s simple to use, it’s got more useful functions than some folks will ever know what do do with and it’s reasonably priced to boot.  All that means it’s got quite a following.  With this collection, we’re highlighting the best Visual Composer themes around.


eram wordpress photograhy themes

You can create a big first impression with a stylish portfolio theme for WordPress. It is possible to set up an internet artistic, creative portfolio quickly and effortlessly through the use of a first-class WordPress theme. This incredible portfolio theme is well made, easy to use, spectacular, functional and filled with creative features, it’s solidly coded, dynamic and flexible, ideal for wedding photographers, ad companies, boutique design firms, online marketing firms or designers. You need a theme that’s well designed with an amazing style, one that delivers a lot of helpful, popular abilities, responsive so that it looks amazing on virtually any device, user friendly with lots of wonderful documentation and help and extremely modifiable so it’s possible to use it on virtually any web site.

If you need a fantastic drag and drop page builder theme, you should consider Visual Composer, the top plugin for creating drag and drop websites for WordPress, because it offers such a wide range of tools, it’s adaptable enough to use on every webpage. Visual Composer supports all the major third party plugins such as Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, Revolution or Layer Sliders, Essential Grid and both Gravity Forms or Ninja Forms. Which makes this beautiful theme super flexible. Folks really seem to enjoy the fact that it’s compatible with everything, the user friendly setup, the low cost, the many time saving tools and the versatility to produce any variety of highly functional site. Popular features include the well appointed front end editor, responsive, professional design, incredible support, gigantic template library and tons of content elements, and tons more.

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The Voux

the voux wordpress blog magazine theme

The Voux is a very attuned, high resolution retina-ready and crisp, modern and neat blog site theme for WP. Just about all pages are 100 % customizable via the Visual Composer from which user friendly headers can be produced, not to mention mega menus which make use of keywords, subcategories and even post types as a source. Position the ‘Home’ header either at the core or on the left most side of the webpage and include an ‘In news detail’ web page header. Navigation through information articles on the page is successfully built for subscribers as the following piece of writing loads up while they scroll down. The web page link or URL on the web browser also updates itself as the page or commentary that is viewed changes. Endless scrolling makes this element feasible. Apart from big news content, the template additionally offers snazzy full-screen galleries.

The Voux also integrates social media plug-ins like Myspace, twitter, the google plus, and others. Sharing details are kept in WordPress and is observable even on the backend. Cache span for the data and choice of social networks to be utilized are changed by way of Theme Options. Finally, the WP template can be viewed on any kind of devices whilst preserving the quality and without omitting any element from the inventive style.

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Visual Composer

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Mad Talent Designs – Liwo

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Visual Composer WordPress Themes

Liwo is a Beautiful, Multipurpose WordPress Theme with a Front-End Page Builder.  That page builder is Live Composer which is definitely not Visual Composer, which is a very good thing.

Liwo is a fairly well received drag and drop theme business for WordPress, meant to be an all around solution for all kinds of businesses, it’s flexible and has enough features tp keep most folks pretty happy.

Liwo is a 100% Responsive WordPress Theme that’s simple, clean and professional. It is Unique, has awesome slideshows, unique color variations. Liwo offers an easy-to-customize and fully featured design. This theme suitable for company, business, blog and portfolio sites, though you don’t need to feel limited at all. Create Outstanding Website or Blog in Minutes!  Liwo works together with Live Composer, an amazing layout builder with video support!

What I’m seeing is an incredibly generic looking WordPress business website.  It’s got ‘meh’ written all over it.  The advertising copy says ‘unique design’ but this is almost uniquely…not unique.  This looks like literally every other business site on the market.  So what does it do to separate itself from the rest of the herd?  I’ll try to find out.

What kind of features do you get with Liwo?  Well, there’s a page builder plugin called Live Composer that helps you build pages in the front end, it’s fast and pretty simple to use.  Liwo is responsive and mobile friendly, built on the Redux framework, so it’s 100% GPL.  The installation is fast and user-friendly, mega-menu is supported, you can add custom backgrounds and more.  With multiple pre-made layouts, you can choose one that’s ready to go or construct your own for even more flexibility.  Liwo is translation ready with WPML support, there are tons of advanced blog options and more.

Here are some examples of Liwo in action out in the wild internet.

First up, the Richmond African American Scholarship Fund, which has created a really nice looking design with Liwo.  They didn’t stray too far from the basic design, but they did a lot to make it look less…boring I guess?  Maybe it’s about the images, the colors, some of the layouts, it just looks more interesting to me.  See for yourself.


Helping Students Reach Their Full Potential, the Richmond African American Scholarship Fund has been serving local students since 2003. I think we can all get behind that.

This one is called Rework-Inc, they’re a business consultant and analyst company.  Sort of like the Bobs on Office Space.


If you are considering a business analyst consultant, you might be wondering how exactly does the business analyst create value for my organization? Who knows?!

Hey,, if you’re reading this, you may want to get rid of that little bug in your theme where the theme developer lets you pick between demo styles.  Probably not great for the live site, na’am sayin?

Rework this part of the theme

And bad mistakes, I’ve made a few…

Then there’s the site, where they “provide the most reliable and efficient solar solutions at the most reasonable prices.”  Makes a lot of sense.

Watt's New baby

Wattsnew’s mission is to provide the most reliable and efficient solar solutions at the most reasonable prices. Sounds very reasonable to me.

Okay, we’ve seen enough, Liwo is a nice little theme, it appears to be flexible enough to work for a wide array of sites, but it just doesn’t have that ‘wow’ factor for me.  Now, that’s not to say that a theme that’s just sort of ‘boring’ is a bad theme.  Take our Quartz theme for instance, it’s a lot like a lot of other themes around, but it loads up lightning fast, it looks great and it’s flexible as hell.  There’s nothing wrong with a theme that can do all of that.

So, a soft recommend for us.  Let us know what you think in the comments below and we’ll be back soon with more great themes.

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Mad Talent Designs – Maav, Simple and Unique Creative Agency WordPress Theme

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Maav, Simple and Unique Creative Agency WordPress Theme

For agencies and creatives who want a super-simple way to present all of their creative work, a modern and minimalist platform for expressing that inner creativity, allowing said creative work to burst forth to the world, impressing everyone who lays eyes on those incredible creations, Maav might be a great choice.  This unique theme has it all, from ease of use to a massive amount of flexibility and I know a lot of folks really love it.  In fact, Maav has a perfect 5.0 rating on ThemeForest at the moment, though that could change at any moment.

That sounds like an exaggeration, is that an exaggeration?  Nope.  Maav is that nice.

Made by mThemesNet, Maav is a totally unique theme, Maav is fun, Maav is great for all sorts of projects, creative and otherwise.  I love the subtle curve to the front page image or video, it’s a nice little touch that helps differentiate the Maav theme from many others on the market.  Not everybody will agree, but it does give the site a slight different look than many others out there.

Maav offers one click setup, so you can begin the process of customization within moments of installing the theme.  There are three basic home layouts included, a minimal portfolio, a video header design and a basic agency site.  All three are outstanding ways to get your creative works out there for the world to enjoy.   There’s even a page builder to add tons of flexibility to your design layouts.  So whatever your website’s needs, they’re sure to be addressed by Maav.

A pair of portfolio layouts add to the mix, a perfect blend of creativity and subdued energy.  That’s what a minimal theme brings to the table, the perfect frame for all kinds of creations.

Finally, I dug around a little bit and it appears that mThemesNet does a really great job of supporting all of their themes and the documentation appears to be really in depth as well.  That way, you run into problems, you get help.

Easy peasy.

Learn more below.

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Mad Talent Designs – WordPress Page Builder Themes, Visual Composer, Drag and Drop

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WordPress Page Builder Themes, Visual Composer, Drag and Drop

There are a good deal of exciting and new options out there in case you would like to make a WordPress theme with the capability to customize layouts without needing to really code the theme yourself. A great deal of webmasters need a WordPress theme and they wish to do-it-themselves, to a certain extent at least. But how do you tell a contractor and front from a back end builder? Bear in mind, these are page-builders rather than theme-builders. If you pick the appropriate drag-and-drop WordPress theme, you can ensure that your website has all of the functions, options and layout style you desire. Whatever suits your brand. Drag blocks or components where you want them, add your content and do it.

All this enables a webmaster to create a theme that has the options, flexibility and functionality they want without needing to make the theme from scratch. The best drag and drop theme builders provide excellent flexibility with loads of widgets, tools and features to create precisely the site you envision. Visual builders permit you to drag a block or element of material to where you need it without breaking into the code itself. These page-builder WordPress themes allow you to create a theme that will look perfect on almost any device with responsive in every way design, produce limitless designs, swap components out on the fly, use multiple header and footer designs and much more. We’ve found a good deal of what we think are the most effective drag-n-drop WordPress themes available on the market. Tell us if we have missed any more amazing themes. Thanks!


Divi WordPress Theme for Drag and Drop Page Building

Divi is a fantastic, full featured WordPress theme with a built in, custom page builder feature that allows you to drag and drop any element anywhere you want it.  Divi is all about flexibility.  Elegant Themes has created a truly multipurpose theme and the many, many layouts options and the over forty different content modules available will let you include just about any feature you can imagine.  Use Divi for a photography or creative portfolio, for a business venture selling products, even as a personal blog.  The functionality and ease of use is very high and since this theme is from Elegant Themes, you know that you’ll be supported all the way.

Elegant Themes offers a bunch of pre-made layouts if you don’t want to have to create your own too.  But down the road, the flexibility this template offers is really going to pay for itself if you find that you want to redesign your site, you don’t have to learn a completely new Admin panel and figure out how to rebuild your site from scratch.


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Shoppe WordPress eCommerce Premium Drag and Drop Theme

Shoppe is fantastic theme, built around’s proprietary drag and drop page builder plugin.  Shoppe offers beautiful, modern looks with powerful features that make it a great all-purpose eCommerce solution, ideal for almost any sort of website and the drag and drop aspect is a massive bonus.  This Shoppe theme is very simple to implement, with demo data importing with just one click, letting you set your site up fast and letting you quickly start to customize your shop.  Shoppe uses Themify’s custom drag and drop page builder to offer the ability to drag content blocks where you want them, visually building your page from the ground up.  With Shoppe, you can use WooCommerce (or any other WordPress shopping cart plugin for that matter) to create a gorgeous shop selling any products.  Themify has added some special tools to make the WooCommerce experience even better for your customers, AJAX powered cart, wishlists, AJAX powered quick search, product image zoom and tons more.  There’s no limit to what you can do with Shoppe.

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Benson WordPress Theme for Photographers by CSSIgniter

Benson is a lovely but simple looking portfolio theme that’s built with a drag and drop page builder to give it maximum levels of flexibility at every turn.  Photographers and artists who want the added level of custom design that a drag and drop page builder can provide, will love Benson.  The Benson theme offers more than just a drag and drop interface to help you build a homepage that looks and acts just like you want it to, it also has tons of widgetized areas, supports Jetpack and several gallery plugins like Envira Galley, NextGEN gallery and Sunsjine.  There’s video and slideshow support, multiple different image layouts and total control over colors and fonts.  This theme really works well out of the box but if you need a powerful portfolio you can also change up via the ‘drag-and-drop’ interface, then this one may be right for you.

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Neto WordPress Minimalist WooCommerce Theme

Neto is a WooCommerce ready theme that could be a good choice for selling clothing, shoes or other products where a stylish presentation is key.  WooCommerce is the industry standard for eCommerce and with it, you can add tons of extensions and addons to create a shopping cart as powerful as any cart around.  Since WordPress and WooCommerce is free, you can save a ton of money setting up your shop and there’s also no monthly fee for the basic setup.  Flexible layouts are key these days, so Neto has decided to offer support for Visual Composer, Elementor, Divi and Site Origin.  That’s a sure sign that you can craft a layout with the features you need.  There are tons of powerful options which you get complete control over, giving you the flexibility to make any sort of site you’d like.

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Float is a premium Themeify drag and drop theme

Float is from, and it comes bundled with a high quality page builder, so we’ve decided to add it to this collection.  I really like Themify’s offerings, they’re user friendly for beginners, but flexible enough to please even a longtime WordPress user.  WooCommerce is fully supported, so you can set up a great looking, responsive online store for any type of products.  With several premade demo sites included, you can get started building your page quickly.  Then again, you can spend a little time customizing with the page builder and get something that’s precisely like you want it.  Portfolios, blogs, shops, they are all simple to create.  Also, promoting your posts and products is a breeze, thanks to full social media integration.  Float is a parallax theme that really goes the extra mile to make your products, your posts and your pages look incredible.

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Maggz – A Creative Viral Magazine and Blog Theme

What do you get with Maggz?  Well, plenty, that’s what.  This theme has so much to offer to go along with the Visual Composer plugin, included for free, allowing you to drag and drop your way to a dynamic, attractive WordPress based website.  What else?  Well, to start off, there’s the modern and classic style.  This theme is unique, yet somehow familiar.  That’s a pretty great place to start.  You need a great looking site to build the best viral content site you possibly can build, which is what this Maggz theme is all about and Maggz knows that a viral site that has the flexibility of drag and drop layouts is even more powerful.  You also need a well coded theme that’s simple to use, which Maggz is as well.  SEO friendly, simple to use and customize, an intuitive admin panel with all sorts of theme options at your fingertips, Maggz makes it easy to craft a winning website.  Then there’s the support, which is very solid.  The net result is a stunning, powerful and user-friendly template perfect for any viral magazine website.

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Potenza WordPress drag and drop app and tech Theme

The Potenza WordPress Theme displays its content in a single page for smooth navigation and fast page loading. It features a top bar navigation menu, and a header slider to help guests have an overview of what the website offers. It best suits service-oriented businesses and similar websites.

Potenza boasts of being one of the most flexible themes. It allows the use of a simple drag and drop page builder that does not require coding knowledge and skills. It also has nine custom content widgets that allows designers to choose from various layouts.

Designers are also given a wide latitude of discretion to add custom logos, backgrounds, animations, and even parallax modules. The Potenza theme includes over 30 color controls for every page element like headings, links, buttons, and paragraphs.

The Potenza WordPress Theme is constantly being updated to keep up with the demands of modern technology. Its responsive design adapts to the different screens it is viewed on, without any drastic change in its style and performance speeds. It is retina ready for optimum user experience on retina devices.

Other notable features of the Potenza theme include being translation ready and search engine optimization ready. It is also engineered to ensure speedy page loads for optimal performance.

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salon is a gorgeous theme for women

For crafting a beautiful, easy to use and high quality salon, spa, wellness center or beauty salon, this theme is a great choice.  Salon was built from the ground up to create a user experience that is a perfect fit for any sort of beauty site.  Makeup artists, aromatherapy, hair stylists and more will find Salon to be a great fit for their businesses.

Salon’s drag-n-drop page builder is a wonderful way to create an impressive site that gives readers a wonderful first impression.  There are several content types for showcasing services, personnel, galleries and videos.  That’s a wide range of content types that can help turn a reader into a customer.  If you’re selling products, you’ll need a great shopping cart setup.  Fortunately, Salon includes support for WooCommerce, which will make it simple to sell any kind of product as well as manage inventory and shipping.  I also love the flexible, widget heavy layout, that gives you the ability to make your site work just the way you want it to work.

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Wordpress Zero - Responsive WordPress Theme

Zero is a fantastic multipurpose theme for WordPress with a lot of potential to be a really big hit.  It’s creative, it’s bold, Zero is a business theme, a blog and a magazine theme all in one, each design style and concept is demonstrated at the link below, but this eCommerce ready template comes complete with Visual Composer, Slider Revolution and it was built on the Opal framework to load fast and for easy admin management of posts, pages, navigation and everything else that it takes to run a successful site in a very competitive market.  Bootstrap 3, Mega Menu, Font Awesome 4, HTML5, CSS3 and SASS are more of the incredible technology behind this fast selling responsive business WordPress theme.  WooCommerce is perfect for monetizing your magazine business theme, so don’t forget that option.

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Aesthetic WordPress VC theme

Visual Composer powered Aesthetic is a multipurpose theme with a really elegant style, loads of handy features and a simple to manage admin panel that allows for the highest level of custom design possible.  Aesthetic uses the power of Visual Composer to let you make a site with nearly any type of layout, any feature possible and it does all of this at a relatively reasonable price.  Want to sell products?  Aesthetic handles all the major eCommerce plugins and handles them well, whether it’s Sell Media, WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads, this theme has a sales channel that looks great and is simple to set up and manage.  For those who aren’t coding experts, the documentation and support are delightful, easy to use and also quite helpful.

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Magazine Vibe

Magazine Vibe – A Powerful News & Magazine Theme

Magazine Vibe is a full-featured WordPress magazine theme with the kind of design that is reminiscent of modernist print periodicals and it manages to look great despite being somewhat minimal in appearance.  There’s a lot of flexibility in this template, due to the fact that it offers up feature posts in a split screen slider up top, a feature that many new WordPress magazine templates are taking advantage of.  There’s also custom mega-menus, smooth scrolling, and hover effects as well as WooCommerce compatibility.  We also love the expanding Video shortcode, which makes this a great choice fora video magazine.  Add in tons of sidebar options and layouts, quick demo import, quality code and SEO optimization, Drag-and-Drop page creation through Visual Composer and more, Magazine Vibe is a theme you can really grow into.

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Montblanc WordPress One Page Parallax Business Theme

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